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"... Hullo? I s'pose I've mislaid my 'phone,' if you're hearing this. If you meant to call Daine, leave a message."


Sep. 11th, 2018 04:06 pm
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Please leave mail for Daine here.
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It's past nightfall, which normally means it's past time Daine got back to the farmhouse. But her hours are still a bit wonky, thanks to at least one nocturnal housemate and the fact that she's rarely required to be anywhere before mid-afternoon. So, she's out flying. Owl shape is one of her favorites, and if she burns off a little magic, she'll be more likely to feel tired and actually get some sleep during the hours when she ought to.

She doesn't have any particular destination in mind, and is gliding over a neighborhood she's never even set foot in when she hears a woman scream. It seizes at her, though it's not a voice she recognizes. It certainly doesn't sound anything like Ma. But even now, years after the farm was razed, Daine can't stand the thought of a woman screaming and no one coming. Heart in her throat, she stoops toward the sound.

Two men have the woman cornered in an alleyway, one with a knife in hand. Daine allows herself only a moment to regret the fact that this is as likely to terrify her as her assailants as she drops into the alley on silent wings. She shifts quickly into wolf shape behind the men's backs, earning herself a wide-eyed look from the woman backed up against the brickwork. The man with the knife starts to turn, but Daine's already surging forward to clamp her jaws around his arm and yank him back, aiming to jostle the knife out of his grip. The woman screams again, but this time it's joined by a cry of pain from the man she's grabbed hold of and some startled cursing from the other one.

There's something grimly satisfying about dragging him away from his quarry, an echo of the cold fury she'd felt when she ran with the Pack. But there's no Pack here -- or none that can be expected to help her, now. Not that she expects a couple of two-leggers to challenge her overmuch, especially if the woman has the good sense to run.

But she's so focused on the knife that she doesn't see the other man fumblingly pull out a gun.
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If they wanted to keep things secret, Daine figures, they would've done a better job of it. Early morning is a busy time of day, not least of all because Daine's own internal clock has gone a bit weird since she moved out here. Her hours at the clinic never start before 4 PM unless there's some sort of emergency, and that's the only time she has to strictly be anywhere. Since Biffy's up at night -- and since she tries to stay up all night during the full moon, especially -- she's as likely to catch naps in the morning and evening as she is to sleep properly through the night.

She's trying to get back on a more normal schedule since the last full moon, but ends up rising around four in the morning. It's an absurd time to be awake, and Kitten grumbles at her for moving about, so Daine takes owl shape and goes for a lengthy flight through the forest. By the time she returns at a more reasonable hour, Lyall is there. She can hear them from her perch on her windowsill (can hear rather more than she wants to, in fact, and she resumes human shape so quickly she stumbles a little). Cheeks flushing, convinced that they'll hear her if she tries to tiptoe past Biffy's door, she ends up just stuffing what she needs for the day in her bag and dropping it out the window. After following it down in bird shape and dressing hastily on the lawn, she heads out on her rounds, determined to take her time.

The farmhouse is silent when she eventually returns, with the exceptions of Kitten and Pawvus, who greet her as if they've been bored witless (as opposed to playing with one another, or with the toys Thomas has made).

"Did Professor Lyall sneak out?" she asks the dragonet, who shakes her head in response. Daine arches an eyebrow. "Did they even leave Biffy's room?" Chortling, Kitten shakes her head again.

Daine snorts, then refills the kettle. It looks as if an earlier attempt at tea was abruptly abandoned, and she rolls her eyes as she puts the old cups by the sink and fetches down fresh ones. "You may as well go wake them," she says, selecting a more bracing tea for them and a milder one for her. "Nicely," she hastens to add as Kitten immediately tears off toward the staircase, Pawvus in bewildered, habitual pursuit. She listens for a moment, turning her ears bat-shaped long enough to make sure Kitten isn't whistling open a locked door. But there's only the click of the knob turning, so she lets her ears lapse back into their usual shape. If they're not even going to try to keep folk out, they can't object too much to an eventual interruption.

Kitten steps into the room, then sits up on her haunches and takes stock for a moment before waddling over to the stranger's side of the bed. Stretching her neck to peer over the edge of the mattress, she lets out a soft, inquiring cheep.
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Dated: March 15th, 2017

Despite the fact that this unquestionably better for Kitten, and despite Biffy's myriad reassurances, Daine had still taken some convincing to actually move out to the farmhouse. It's one thing to accept the indifferent hospitality of the city that brought her here -- that seems fair enough. Since she got a job, especially, it felt akin to living in the rider barracks. She worked for the city, and it housed her in turn.

Biffy owes her nothing. He's just being kind. Though the first time she visited the farmhouse, she couldn't help but agree that it did seem rather a lot of space for just one or two people. It probably would feel fair empty much of the time.

It's ultimately Kitten's welfare that decides things. The dragonet loves the farmhouse, and she can romp around the yard without attracting attention. It might not be as fascinating as the city proper, but at least she doesn't have to observe it all from the confines of a backpack.

Daine hasn't been in Darrow long enough to collect much. Her clothes and things only fill her bag a few times over. The most complicated thing to move is Poppy and Thistle's cage. It's a large structure, and she'll especially need it at the farmhouse. She intends to make it very clear to Pawvus that these rats aren't for catching, but she doesn't expect Poppy and Thistle to trust him, and she wants them to have a safe place to hide that isn't cramped or boring.

"You're sure you don't mind the rats?" Daine asks Biffy for what definitely isn't the first time. She's explained that they're clean, quiet, and friendly, but she doesn't expect most two-leggers to see the appeal. Mithros knows she hadn't been overfond of the creatures before she came here. She sets the cage carefully down in the entryway, not wanting to scuff the floor. The rats themselves are hiding behind her hair, noses quivering as they take in the smell of cat.
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It's been a hard week for Kitten.

Which isn't to say it's been all bad. There are plenty of things around the apartment that appeal to her, and she's shown even more fascination with the laptop than Daine had. The rats have almost stopped being afraid of her. And Daine's just about finished modifying a backpack into a cozy, secure means of transportation that'll keep her well-hidden. Once that's done, it'll be much easier to at least take Kitten to meet folk, even if she can't romp around in the open.

But there are still times when Daine has to leave her alone at the apartment. There's her job, and her more unofficial (but still important) rounds, and errands. It seems like every time Daine leaves her behind, Kitten turns an even more sullen shade of gray before crawling beneath the bed to sulk. Daine's explained the gravity of the situation as best she can, but that doesn't make the reality of it any less frustrating.

Part of her half-expects Kitten to act out in some way. When it does eventually happen, there's at least one small mercy: Daine's still in the building. In fact, she's still in bed. She's woken by tiny paws on her cheek and the concerned squeaks of Thistle and Poppy. Daine lifts her head groggily, wondering what the fuss is about, and the rats' explanations sink in just as Daine catches sight of the light spilling into her hallway.

Kitten is gone, and the apartment door's been opened.

Daine sits up sharply, reshaping her ears, and her heart sinks when she hears a familiar whistle and the click of someone's lock giving way. "Curse it!" she hisses, scrambling out of bed as quickly as she can without hurting the rats and dashing for the outer hallway. "Curse it, curse it..." She swings out into the hall, glancing both ways, and just spots the tip of Kitten's tail disappearing into her next-door neighbor's apartment.

She presses her lips together, swallowing the several things she'd like to say, and tiptoes down the hall as quickly as she can. "Kitten!" she whispers as loudly as she dares. "Get back here!"
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How to reach player?
PM: [personal profile] wildmage_daine or [personal profile] nobleplatypus
AIM: Platy121
email: cariva02@smumn.edu

[Out Of Character]
Backtagging with this character: Sure
Threadhopping with this character: Probably fine, but give me a heads-up?
Fourthwalling: Sure.
Canon puncture: You can, but she's going to think you're insane.
Offensive subjects: Nothing comes to mind.

[In Character]
Sexual/romantic orientation: heteroromantic, but borderline demisexual.
Hugging this character: Go for it!
Flirting with this character: Okay, though she might either ignore it or be generally unimpressed.
Giving this character a kiss: You can try, but you'll probably be rebuffed.
Something more intimate: Nope.
Relationships: She's not particularly interested, but it's not impossible.
Dub-con/non-con/sexual assault: No.
Fighting with this character: Sure, bearing in mind that depending on location, you may also be dealing with any nearby animals.
Injuring this character: Probably fine, but run it by me, first.
Killing this character: No.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Run it by me, first; her existing mental barriers might affect things.


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